You already know that HCPs spend an average of 5 hours per day within their Electronic Health Record (EHR) clinical workflow. But did you know that PulsePoint is the first DSP to provide programmatic EHR integration for point-of-care advertising? This presents an untapped opportunity for you to increase brand awareness and script lift, going beyond reaching HCPs at the right moment to reaching them within their workflow. 

View the recording for a Product Deep Dive with Keith Matt and Zach Hasselbring, where they discuss how to:
  • Reach your target HCPs during point-of-care moments when they are accessing their EHR system;
  • Orchestrate a series of interactions as sequential, multi-touch storytelling, yielding longitudinal relationships with your HCPs;
  • Alter your creative strategy to be the most impactful;
  • Leverage EHR advertising as a component of your omnichannel strategy; and
  • Increase efficiency and productivity with access to real-time reporting.


  • Keith Matt, Vice President, Sales at PulsePoint
  • Zach Hasselbring, Sr. Manager, Platform Solutions at PulsePoint



View the panel session


Keith Matt

Keith matt, Vice President, Sales at PulsePoint

Keith is a Vice President of Sales at PulsePoint, a global programmatic healthcare technology company using real time data to transform healthcare. Keith brings over 24 years of experience working in the healthcare marketing space, having worked for and with many of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the industry. In his role at PulsePoint, Keith is responsible for leading a team that collaborates with brands and agencies to develop and deploy sophisticated programmatic strategies to reach, engage and measure healthcare audiences. Outside of work, Keith can be found spending a lot of time with his wife and two daughters at kids' activities including soccer, dance and golf.  

Zach Hasselbring

Zach Hasselbring, Sr. Platform Solutions Manager

Zach is a Sr. Platform Solutions Manager at PulsePoint, a global programmatic healthcare technology company using real time data to transform healthcare. Zach brings eight years of experience working in Advertising Technology, having started his career at Innovid working closely with clients to help them achieve their online video goals. In his role at PulsePoint, Zach is responsible for maintaining a deep knowledge of PulsePoint’s programmatic technology solutions and ensuring strong client outcomes by helping his clients become platform experts. Outside of work, Zach can be found spending time with his wife and his fur baby, Luna, and traveling to see friends and family as much as possible.


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