How it works

With PulsePoint, a next-generation programmatic platform, you get access to robust first-party data on over 3.2 million healthcare professionals (HCPs), enabling you to accurately target physicians for your HCP advertising campaigns and directly measure real world impact, without the need for cookies.


  • More addressable reach
  • More first-party data
  • More health signals
  • More touch-points

than any other entity.


influence your HCP audience throughout their journey

PulsePoint activates physician advertising at every stage of the physician's digital journey.

1-to-1 NPI Targeting

Match your cross-device advertising to your National Provider Identifier (NPI) targeting list.

Smart list technology

Intelligently automate HCP target lists powered by digital engagement with a brand and/or claims data.

Clinical Behavior

Target specific physicians taking relevant clinical actions: Rx | Dx | Px

 Online Behavior

Smart pixel technology that intelligently identifies HCP activity on website and paid search campaigns.

Measure your digital marketing at the individual hcp level

PulsePoint enables you to measure your digital marketing at a uniquely granular level.


Physician-level Measurement

Find out which physicians are interacting with your advertising and visiting your website.

Multi-channel attribution

Analyze attribution and cross-device performance on all digital touchpoints of the HCP: website, email, display, native & search

Omni-channel brand engagement

Our physician targeting solutions deliver multi-channel brand engagement throughout the day - including digital experiences in the clinical workflow at work and at-home moments with CTV.

PulsePoint HCP Marketing Channels-1

Display - cost-effective, short-form communications across channels

CTV - targeted video engagement during off-hours, at home

Social - Match Life NPI lists to accounts on Facebook to activate social audiences

Email - long-form communication delivered directly to the physician's inbox

Video - attention-grabbing media delivered when relevant

Native - custom content in a trusted format

Search - messaging targeted to intent

EHR - direct communication in the physician's workstream at the point of care


PulsePoint is a transparent, and cost-effective way for us to continue to reach and engage healthcare professionals at scale.

- Steve Minichini, President of Paid Media at Evoke

HCP Marketing success story

A healthcare agency charged with regaining marketing share from newer competitors for a cardiovascular drug leveraged PulsePoint to target individual physicians based on the brand's call list, and trigger marketing messages based on the physician's profile across channels.



New unique weekly writers

+ 0.4

Average additional scripts per HCP

6.7:1 ROI

Based on additional revenue generated

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