CMI & Bayer CTV webinar

View the recording to hear experts from agency and brand-direct teams discuss their approach to connected TV (CTV) in omnichannel strategies. In this session, you will learn about real-world challenges with CTV and walk away with actionable insights into activating CTV in programmatic campaigns.


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Every marketer today is using data to drive their media campaigns. But marketers: Do you know what you’re buying? Download our “Six Considerations” guide to learn what you need to consider when working with health data, and how to select a provider of HCP or consumer data.

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2021 data from PulsePoint’s Life and HCP365 platforms inform the current state of health media and project where the industry is going. These groundbreaking insights will guide brands and agencies towards forward-thinking and competitive media buying decisions.


Learn how programmatic marketing is transforming the healthcare industry and what to look for when selecting a potential partner.

Guide - Third-Party Cookie (not feature)

With the phase out of third-party cookies, discover how to future-proof your marketing strategy with innovative approaches to targeting and measurement.

Case Study: Underscore

Discover how Underscore leveraged programmatic marketing to increase patient prescription volume by 70% for their pharma client.

Report: Consumer Report

With data more accessible than ever before, we surveyed consumers to understand their feelings about sharing their personal health information.

Guide: Data-Driven HCP Campaigns

As HCPs become harder to reach, we've outlined the greatest challenges facing marketers and the solutions they need to address them.

Special Report - Vaccine

As COVID-19 vaccination supply moves from scarcity to surplus, learn how to focus your strategy on building vaccine confidence to reach herd immunity.