Guide - Third-Party Cookie

With the inevitable phase out of third-party cookies, the time has come for health marketers to reimagine how we connect with audiences. Access our latest guide to discover how brands and agencies can future-proof their marketing strategy with new and innovative approaches to campaign targeting and measurement.



Guide - Third-Party Cookie (not feature)

With the phase out of third-party cookies, discover how to future-proof your marketing strategy with innovative approaches to targeting and measurement.

Special Report - Vaccine

As COVID-19 vaccination supply moves from scarcity to surplus, learn how to focus your strategy on building vaccine confidence to reach herd immunity. 

Guide: Programmatic Health Anthology

Discover everything you need to know about programmatic advertising including helpful definitions, examples, best practices, and more.

Case Study: Underscore

Discover how Underscore leveraged programmatic marketing to increase patient prescription volume by 70% for their pharma client.

Report: Consumer Report

With data more accessible than ever before, we surveyed consumers to understand their feelings about sharing their personal health information.

Guide: COVID-19 Vaccine Marketing

Find out how marketers can optimize their COVID-19 campaigns by delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Guide: Data-Driven HCP Campaigns

As HCPs become harder to reach, we've outlined the greatest challenges facing marketers and the solutions they need to address them.

Digital Health Forum Recap: The Future Was Today

How do you lean into change? Watch the Digital Health Forum on-demand to learn how data, collaboration, and innovation will lead us forward.